I’m not sure if you’re familiar with It’s been around for a while and it allows members to trade, buy, and exchange airline points. I’ve been a member for some time. Recently, they’ve come up with a very unique concept. is partnering with lots of companies to give out mileage with the purchase of a gift card from specific merchants. For example, MyPoints members can earn 500 points for each Marriott $75 Gift Card they purchase (subject to change). Panera bread, Darden restaurants, and Bath & Body Works all offer points, as well as dozens of others. Most of the promotions are available for a limited time. I plan to purchase some of these gift cards since these are places I frequent.

My only concern is to make sure these cards are used, and not placed in some drawer and forgotten.

Sign up is easy. Make sure to have all your airline cards handy to enter your frequent flyer numbers. Let me know your experiences, and start racking up those airline points to use for more gift cards or trips you plan to take!

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