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Single Check Rebates

In 1973 when I discovered the world of coupons and refunds, nothing was automated. Coupons were added up by the cashier, and I was handed the cash. I was amazed, when stores could deduct the coupons via the register. What … Continue reading

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To be Embarrassed or Not to be Embarrassed

Coupon shopping is a big money saver especially in today’s economy. I remember once shopping in Rochester, NY where the store actually had a ‘no coupon line’. That’s how much coupon shopping meant to those upstate New Yorkers. So, it’s … Continue reading

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Rain Checks

I love store sales. I always try my best to take advantage of the sale items for the products I use most often. Generally for a non-perishable product, I buy those in quantity. What I really hate, is that after … Continue reading

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Bridal and Baby Shower Gifts

Finding useful and unique gifts for a new baby or bride can be a challenge. I have the perfect gift for both occasions. And it will be at a great savings for you. This tip was passed onto me from … Continue reading

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