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About my book, Cashing in at the Checkout

Thirty-seven years ago I became a super-shopper and began Refundle Bundle Magazine, a guide to coupons and refunds. After a few years of doing television and radio shows I was contacted by a book publisher to write and share my … Continue reading

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Channel 6 ABC Affiliate in Philidephia (news story)

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What is supershopping?

Over the years super shoppers have managed to create their own underground network in the world of shopping. People are creative, and as the old saying goes ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’. Thus super-shopping was generally the result of … Continue reading

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One of my favrotie videos on grocery savings – CNN


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Five Top Ways to Save at the Checkout

Saving at the checkout is fun and easy. Almost immediately, you can expect a 20% savings and build that savings up to 50% regularly on your grocery shopping bill. Use these 5 TOP TIPS to get started: Organize coupons: Put … Continue reading

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