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Switching Brands or Being Brand Loyal?

Switching brands depending on store sales and coupon availability is probably the best way to save. For example, this week Puffs tissues are on sale at my local store, and I have coupons that match the sale product providing a … Continue reading

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How to use the internet to find grocery coupons

When I started refunding and couponing in 1973, everything was a hard copy, no internet. But I’ve gotten used to this new phenomenon and I love it. Printable coupon and refund offers are available all of the time offering cash … Continue reading

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Checking all Stores’ Flyers

Having a favorite market doesn’t preclude me from checking all the local stores sales’ flyers. I have and do switch markets when I can match the double coupon offer, as well as great sales, and a reasonable amount of driving … Continue reading

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How to choose the perfect supermarket!

My next criteria for choosing a market is overall store sales. The store I prefer, A&P, starts their weekly sales on Friday, and has extra special sales from Friday to Monday. I make up my list according to the sales … Continue reading

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